Our Mission Statement

To empower businesses and individuals to build their brand and showcase themselves to the world by growing their media presence.

Siddhant Jain

CEO and Founder, Media Specialist

Hi, I am Siddhant Jain and I am the founder and CEO of Sid’s Studios LLC! I am so glad you are here visiting and learning about our digital marketing business, Sid’s Studios! I am currently a Junior at Columbus North High School and hoping to pursue a future in the media field. I am extremely passionate about creative photos and videos and have been involved with this field since I was 9! My journey on perfecting my interests began a little over 4 years ago and I have never looked back since! Once again, welcome!

Anvay Atram

Graphic Designer, Vice Media Specialist

Hey everyone! I am Anvay Atram, a Junior at Columbus North High School. I have always been involved with graphics and animation. I am an avid fan of Japanese-styled cartoons and have honed my talents to bring my creativity to life! I enjoy using my skills in Adobe Suite and am never afraid to learn a new skill. Outside of school and this job, I am a tennis enthusiast and play on the CNHS Boys Tennis Varsity Team.

Jianing Wang

Technology and Website Manager, Vice Graphic Designer

My name is Jianing Wang and I am the technology and website manager at Sid’s Studios. I love to code, design games, and even try my hands at some graphic design. I am fond of Rubik’s Cubes and tennis. I have designed and manually written this website with over 1000 lines of code! I hope to pursue a career in Computer Science and further develop my skills. Hope you are excited to work with us!

Vincent Zeng

Vice Video Editor

My name is Vincent Zeng and I am the Vice Video Editor at Sid Studios. As a high schooler, I realized that I could learn a productive skill and build up my resume. I learned video editing and have also worked with many other media companies. I love to edit videos and enhance the viewing experience of the audience.

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